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How It Works

How to Check a Gift Card’s Balance is the website created to help you check your gift card balance. It works very simple. You need to make two steps:

1. Choose your merchant
2. Check your balance

Typically merchants offer three methods of checking your gift certificate balance:

1. Online
2. By phone
3. In store

Keep in mind, not all merchants offer online and phone balance checking. So, depending on a company there may be one, two or three available methods for checking your card balance.


For example, let’s take a look at Target gift cards. For this particular merchant there are three options available. So owners have a good choice.

Target gift card balance

Source: Target Gift Card – Balance Check

Another example is a Borders gift card. Using our balance checker and visiting the Borders gift card balance check webpage, you can notice that there are only two methods available (Phone & In Store). Unfortunately, you cannot check your balance online. In this case, you can see the appropriate notice.

Borders gift card balance

Source: Borders Gift Card – Balance Check

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