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GameStop Gift Card Balance

The video game retailer GameStop offers a variety of gift card options. These gift cards can be used to purchase video games, accessories and hardware both online and at GameStops many retail locations. Below you will learn who Gamestop is, what gift card options are available and how you can check the balance once you have purchased your card.

Overview of GameStop

GameStop is the world's largest retailer of video games. GameStop sells video games, accessories and hardware. Included in its range are all of the latest and most popular video games for both consoles and PCs. GameStop operates in 15 different countries and includes 6,650 stores in its chain.

GameStop gift card

In addition to the retail outlets, video games can also be purchased directly from the online store on the GameStop website. In addition to selling video games, GameStop also runs a buy, sell and trade program which allows its customers to recycle games that they no longer wish to play.

What Types of Cards Are Available?

There are two basic types of gift cards available for GameStop. These are GameStop physical gift card and the digital gift certificate. Below we will look at both types of gift cards in more detail.

GameStop Gift Card: This can be used at any GameStop retail location or at the online store. If the GameStop gift card is purchased from the website it will be delivered within 2 weeks via standard post. You can choose any dollar amount for your card provided it is no less than $10 and no more than $500. If you are purchasing the card as a gift you can choose to include a personalized gift message.

GameStop Digital Gift Certificate: The digital gift certificate can be used to purchase items at the GameStop online store, or it can be taken into any GameStop store can be redeemed. Once you have purchased your digital gift certificate it will be available for use within 48 hours. You will be notified via email. The digital gift certificate can have any balance between $10 and $500. You can choose to have a personalized message attached to your gift certificate if you are giving it as a present.