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Borders Gift Card Balance


If you currently own a Border's Book store gift card, please read the following article from

To check the balance on your Borders Gift Card, use the options provided below (phone number, website, store locations). Before you check your balance, be sure to have your card number and pin code available. All questions regarding your gift card balance should be directed at the merchant that issued the gift card.

Where Did it all Start?

Borders gift cardIt all started in 1971 when two brothers, Tom and Louis Borders, decided to follow their dreams and make business from their passion for books. The two started by opening a bookshop in Ann Arbor where they sold used books. Little did they know their little Border store which was only 800 sq ft then would give birth to a multi-million dollar company that has quenched the thirst of many American readers. It was only in 1973 that the Borders bookshop was expanded and started to sell new books. Back then, it had gained much popularity from the Academic community in Michigan, USA. By 1974, Borders was on its fourth location, spreading its wings far and wide as it continued to build a reputation for itself.

Fast track to the year 2008, July, 10 and Borders is selling off businesses based in New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. What happened? Well, a 40 year business span marred with an economic recession and cut-throat competition from the online world is not good for business. Still, despite the bad business, Borders was determined to make it out clean. On July 2010, Borders launched an eBook store to start selling to e-readers, a strategy that was designed to a 17 % market share in e-books in a year. However, after the arrival of Napster, the launch of iPod, iTunes and Amazon, business for Borders went from bad to worse causing it to announce plans to liquidate on 18, July, 2011.

Just when people thought it could not get any worse, Borders filed for chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing. Borders is now seeking bankruptcy protection with the New York bankruptcy court. All in all, Borders has indicated on its official reorganization site that it will continue to honor it gift cards and reward programs.

Borders Gift Cards, What you Didn’t know

You’ve probably had the news all over the internet and probably the papers, Borders Gift Cards are worthless…but are these rumors really true? First of all, you have got to understand the fact that the gift cards are a debt that Borders owes you. So until the liquidation process hits off, which is on Friday, your gift card retains its value.

Now what to do with your gift card? Well, for one, you can trade your Borders gift card for other items through reward sites like You can also order DVD and music online through It gets even better, you could take advantage of several restaurants by ordering gift cards from at a reduced price or buy a gift for $25 and get $5 free.