Walgreens Gift Card Balance

To check the balance on your Walgreens Gift Card, use the options provided below (phone number, website, store locations). Before you check your balance, be sure to have your card number and pin code available. All questions regarding your gift card balance should be directed at the merchant that issued the gift card.

Walgreens Gift Card Balance Check Information

phone Phone: 877-248-5555
Online Online check unavailable
Store You can also check the balance in store

Walgreens Company Overview

Walgreens Gift CardWalgreens is a leading pharmacy in the US. It offers everything from personal care products, prescription drugs, photo services to contact lenses. Almost everything can be easily found at Walgreens. If you are planning on making your purchases with the most trusted pharmacy in the United States, be sure to make use of the Walgreens Gift Card Balance.

This drug store will provide a wide variety of deals s and discount on everything ranging from wellness and health products to toys and fragrances.

Although this store is mainly associated with prescription drugs and wellness products, it offers several other kinds of products. Ever since the very first Walgreens store was opened more than 100 years back in Chicago, millions of customers have been provided with high quality products and efficient services.

These days, you do not even have to step out of your home in order to shop at their store, or to purchase prescriptions from their pharmacy. All items can be bought from the Walgreens company's website.

By obtaining a Walgreens Gift Card, you can get everything you require at a great price. This store can be found in almost every city in the United States.

Walgreens Gift Cards

You can save money with walgreens gift cards for your purchases as well as for buying gifts. Take advantage of their special holiday offers while they are still available. There are great deals going on all through the year. The store has an incredible business model that has always stressed on service, community and affordability.

The Walgreens Gift Card offers a monetary value in a plastic card form. You can use it to buy Walgreens merchandise from their website walgreens.com or from any of their Walgreens stores. The Walgreens gift cards are available in amounts of $5 to $100. These gift cards are for individuals, groups, corporate gift cards etc.

Walgreens Gift Card Policy

Remember, Walgreens gift card policy allows the card to be redeemed only at a Walgreens store for various merchandise including prescriptions and photofinishing. Presently the gift card policy does not allow the use of Walgreens Gift Cards for purchase of products online. The Walgreens Gift Cards cannot be be used at the Walgreens Home Medical Center or online at Walgreens.com. They can only be used at Walgreens stores.

Walgreens Gift Card Balance Check

In case the walgreens card you own has 16 digit numbers at the back, call the toll free number 1-877-248-5555 to check your balance or bring the card directly to a local Walgreens store.

In case the Walgreens Gift Card you own has 19 digit numbers at the back, you could check your balance in the following two ways:
1. Online check:
You can check the walgreens gift card balance on (walgreens.com) by entering your card number and pin.

2. In-Store:
You can check the walgreens gift card balance by visiting a local walgreens store.

So, grab the Walgreens gift cards and begin shopping today. You can buy various products and services at below the retail price. There are always some type of exciting deals going on at Walgreens, so you can save greatly!